love of my life

Posted: 17 Juni 2008 in renungan, Uncategorized

I don’t know when I can claim that I have found it.
They said that you don’t need to search for love,
because when the time comes love will find you.
So, just calm down. The one who is destined for you will come eventually.

But, do they understand this lonely feeling I have?
even in the middle of a crowd, I am still alone.
I can feel a pain in my heart.
I feel… incomplete. There’s something missing from me, and I don’t know what it is.

They said that when you find the one who is meant for you,
you will feel some warmth in the heart.
And you will feel happy.
You will never feel alone anymore,
because you know that someone will always be there.
At your side, accompanying you…
Because you know that someone will always ready to hear you.
To help you when you have a problem…


What if that someone is not like the one in our dream?
What if that someone differs so much with us?
What if that someone make us sad?
What if that someone have a wrong perception about us?

Should we simply claim that that someone is not Love of Our Life?
Should we simply deny the feeling in our heart?
Should we simply looking for other person?
Should we simply walk away?


Must we live on with the difference, sadness, and other wrong doings that was made by that someone?


Tulisan di atas itu 🙄 dibuat beberapa tahun yang lalu, pada waktu sedang pusing mikir Tugas Akhir, tapi masih relevan, sepertinya…

  1. itikkecil berkata:

    only time will tell…..

  2. phiy berkata:

    Kirain lagunya Queen xP

    Tunggu aja,
    tar juga dateng (^-~)

  3. kholis berkata:

    jgan nunggu aja….dicari dong…. 😛

  4. lei berkata:

    just embrace the moment, thinking about it too much might cost you to lose beautiful things that are actually happening around you 😀 *sok dewasa*

  5. suandana berkata:

    # Mbak Ira
    Iyah… 😦

    # afiy
    Bukannya ini judul lagunya Scorpion? 😀

    # kholis
    Sedang… 😀

    # lei
    Iyah… Mulai sekarang, insya Allah saya dak bakal buat tulisan macam ini lagi… Makasih, bu… m(_ _)m

  6. gempur berkata:

    jaid teingat lagunya Queen hehehehe… 😀

  7. lindawatirahaju berkata:

    grumble grumble grumble

    baca tulisan tulisan di sini jadi sedih…


  8. suandana berkata:

    # Pak Gempur
    Jadi, sebenarnya, Love of My Life itu lagunya Queen atau Scorpion sih??? 😕

    # linda
    Maaf… tidak bermaksud… m(_ _)m

  9. ninoy berkata:

    salah satu quote ps.i love you yang saya suka

    when u are alone, then we are together in it 🙂

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